Use Android Smartphone as a Document Scanner!!

You can use your Android device as a document scanner with the help of an app called CamScanner. It is a free Android app that converts your smartphone into a scanner and digitise a paper document using your smartphone camera. The app also brings along features like cropping, image enhancement and the ability to create a PDF from your scanned files.

CamScanner also allows the user to upload documents to the cloud and manage them by tagging or searching. With this app, the Android phone users can manage their written notes, business cards, memos, and magazines at a place and carry them with themselves anywhere. According to an AG Beat report, CamScanner offers batch scanning so multi-page documents are simple to scan and all documents can immediately be e-mailed or shared to the cloud.

With the app, users can also back up their files to SD card, so they can be restored any time and the app can condense file sizes of PDFs and other files too. The free version of the app has advertisements, a watermark on the PDF and a limitation of 50 documents.

Download from here Mediafire