Ubuntu For Android Phones.

     Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu distro has announced Ubuntu for Android, which will offer a full desktop OS experience when the user connects their smartphones to a computer screen and keyboard.
     The Ubuntu for Android works in the same way as it does on a regular PC. Ubuntu for Android is like running full Ubuntu OS on your smartphone along with Android, with a shared kernel. So, with Ubuntu for Android, the smartphone works like any other Android phone but as soon as it is connected to a dock with a monitor, you get to see the Ubuntu desktop experience on the attached screen. Due to the multiple core processors, users can use their mobile phones and desktop at the same time.

     It offers the same unity user interface and lets the users access certified applications including Chrome and Firefox. The good point is that all the data and services remain consistent between the Ubuntu and Android environments, including unified Android and Ubuntu contacts, messages and calls through desktop, synched calendars and close integration with social networks. With this effort, Canonical aims to deliver a customised version of Ubuntu which can be played with Android to share data and services simultaneously.

     This is a major step in the direction of running Ubuntu on smartphones, tablets and TVs, as promised by Mark Shuttleworth back in October.

     Ubuntu for Android will need 1 GHz, dual-core CPU, Open GL, ES/EGL, 2GB free space on disc, shared kernel driver with associated X driver, HDMI Video Out, USB host mode and around 2GB of RAM. Canonical has said that wireless carriers can also load their branded applications and services as part of the Ubuntu desktop.