Now, Android apps will be compatible with Linux

Developers of the new Linux Kernel 3.3 have included loads of Android subsystems and features. This will enable developers to build apps for cross platform applications, which will be compatible with both the open source operating systems. This will put to rest the entire buzz surrounding the amalgamation of Linux and Android. 

What's in store for the end customers is a Linux platform that will support Android functions and features, thus, bringing the goodness of both Android and Linux in one. While Linux and Android have some common codes but their kernels were kept separate to avoid inter-operability.

Developers are visibly happy with the decision. 

A developer told media: "For a long time, code from the Android project has not been merged back to the Linux repositories due to disagreement between developers from both projects. Fortunately, after several years the differences are being ironed out. Various Android subsystems and features have already been merged, and more will follow in the future. This will make things easier for everybody, including the Android mod community, or Linux distributions that want to support Android programs."