Android Diversity Graphically Charted In Detail

See the chart above? That’s a picture of Android fragmentation diversity as compiled by Open Signal Maps. The company compiled data from 681,900 users of its app over the last 6 months. They counted nearly 4,000 different devices running Android. That’s a lot of gadgets.
See the big green box in the chart above? That represents the Samsung Galaxy S II, which makes up about 10% of all the devices. Also, Samsung as a whole makes up 40% of all the devices. Strong showing, Sammy.

Some of us think of this as an advantage… choice, after all, is a good thing. But it comes at a price, and that price is called fragmentation. Screen resolutions of varying sizes, different versions of Android, processors at varying speeds, all make for a more difficult time developing an app that works reliably across multiple devices. It’s a trade-off, but for an OS that distinguishes itself with openness, customizability, and choice, it’s a welcomed one.

Hit the source link to see more charts and graphs that break down the data.
source: opensignalmaps
via: the verge