Angry Birds Heikki : After conquering space, everybody’s favorite birds are going back to earth.

After conquering space, Rovio deemed it’s time to bring back our favorite Angry Birds down to Earth, via a new game called Angry Birds Heikki.
Rovio has just launched a new site to serve as a teaser to the upcoming game, and right now, the teaser is gathering some mixed reactions. Many are wondering what will be the theme of Rovio’s latest creation. As you can see from the screenshot above, it shows the eyes of the red angry bird with racing flags, suggesting that the game could be a tie-in to Rovio’s F1 sponsorship of Heikki Kovalainen, the F1 pilot.

Does this mean that the next game in the Angry Birds series is going to be a racing game, perhaps similar to Mario Kart racing? Well, nobody knows for certain right now.
Some rumors are also suggesting that the game might be web-based only and that it won’t be released for any mobile platform. But of course, that’s just a rumor at this point. Rovio knows too well that the success of the Angry Birds series is deeply connected with Android and iOS. So, releasing a new, web-only game seems like a far-fetched idea.
So the odds are definitely against Angry Birds Heikki being a kart-racing game. The big question now is, if this game stays true to the sling-shot gameplay, like all the other games in the franchise, how on earth will Rovio incorporate the F1-theme?
Well, we can only guess for now, and leave it to the great minds at Rovio to come up with yet another interesting, engaging, and fun game featuring our favorite angry birds and evil pigs.