Download Google Drive APK For Android

Google latest project is Google Drive and as all other Google start-ups is currently being thought of by many as a Drop Box or Sky Drive killer. We will probably have to wait for some time to find out if Google Drive succeeds or fails terribly like Schemer or Google Wave or some might even say Google Plus. But we cannot really take Google Drive as just a copy of the existing services. It does come with many features. It includes a viewer which can actually allow to view files such as .psd and .ai files on the browser. Also it comes with ability to integrate Chrome Apps which can provide a lot more functionality. And what is a Google Service without it being fully functional on the Android OS. So even an app is available for it even though the service is not yet open to the general public.

Google Drive by default offers 5 GB of space but they do provide the option to purchase further space. Also there might be ways to get more space through referrals or something but I do not think it is all that likely. Below is the pricing of the space as per Google.  

You can download the Google Drive App from Google Play from here. You can download Google Drive APK from the link.