A free and fun puzzle game for Android, Peti.

If Beautiful Widgets or Plume for Twitter ring any bells, you might be interested in a new free puzzle game for Android called Peti. The game has been recently made available by LevelUP Studio, the developers behind the making of the other two apps mentioned above, and, while it’s not groundbreaking in any way, it looks like a fun way to spend some time on a hot midsummer afternoon.

Peti is short for “People for Ethical Treatment of Invaders”, so your in-game target will be to protect and save aliens, as well as mankind. I know, it runs like the storyline of a pretentious first-person shooter. But in this particular case it’s only the pretext for a simple and minimalistic, yet addictive puzzle game.

Combining the retro looks of Tetris or Puzzle Bobble with a few unique touches of functionality, Peti is not your usual repetitive puzzle game and it can actually glue you to your mobile device for hours or even days. It’s also worth noting that this is LevelUP Studio’s first mobile game and for a first effort it looks pretty darn good.