Google’s Nexus Q Brings Real Social Interaction

Together with the Nexus 7 tablet launch, Internet giant Google has also presented the Nexus Q ball computer. This is literally a nice, ball-shaped device that’s running Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

Nexus Q’s reason for being is music and media sharing.

The device is powered by an ARM processor and has all the necessary connectors and software to stream music and video from other Android tablet and phone devices towards your TV and stereo system.

The concept practically advertises the scenario where your friends actually come to visit you.

They are able to show you music and videos from their own phones and tablets, but you can watch and listen together on your home’s big screen TV and sound system through the Nexus Q.

Of course, the $300 ball from Google can also play music from online music collections acquired by its owner or even YouTube, for example.

In European currency, that’s about €240, which we consider to be somewhat expensive.