How to download and use Instagram for PC.

Before this post, Instagram app was launched for android mobile phones. Now, here is the PC version of Instagram.  :)
Windows users, meet Instagrille. Instagrille is your Instagram desktop solution for when you want to enjoy Instagram without touching your phone or even opening a browser. Instagrille runs on Pokki, an HTML5 app platform where you can find many more useful apps and games, and which you will have to download and install in order to use Instagrille. Let’s take a look at what Instagrille can do for your Instagram experience.

Installation & Management

To download Instagrille, head over to Instagrille’s page on Pokki and click the small download button. This will download and install the Pokki platform as well as Instagrille. You can use the built-in app store in Pokki to discover and download more Pokki apps. Once installation is complete, you’ll find two new icons in your taskbar – Pokki and Instagrille.

These icons are there to stay as long as you want to use Instagrille. You can, of course, shut everything down, or even put Pokki to sleep to save some taskbar space. Do this by right clicking on the Pokki icon.

Using Instagrille

Even before signing into Instagrille, you can start browsing popular Instagram images on your desktop. On any Instagrille tab you can browse photos either as a grid or a list.

Use the bottom buttons to switch between popular images, your feed and your personal account. In order to view the feed and account, you would naturally have to sign in using your Instagram credentials.

When you click on an image, a dedicated page opens with many useful options. From here, you can like or comment on an image, view it on the web, share it, view other images with the same tags and more. You can also click on the uploader’s username to view his/her account and even follow them. The commenting interface is very slick, with tons of emoticons and icons you can use to emphasize your comment.

Some Instagram photos have geotags as well, and those are also available through Instagrille. If you click on a photo that has a location, a map will show up below the photo, indicating the exact location where that picture was taken.

You have a dedicated page for your own account, where you can view your own images and stats on Instagrille’s beautiful interface. You can easily view a list of your followers or the people you follow, and block or unfollow people through the app.

As long as Instagrille is running, it will keep alerting you when new photos are added. Unfortunately, I found this feature to be less than reliable, and while alerts did make sense at times, on occasion they seemed somewhat random. This is the only glitch I found in Instagrille, and since the alert is so unobtrusive, it didn’t bother me much. It would be nice to have reliable alerts on new photos, though.

Instagrille is a slick, responsive, fast and elegant Instagram solution. Whether you’re an addict or an addict-wannabe, Instagram’s large interface will make it much easier for you to get your Instagram fix, and keep up with the community, no matter what you’re doing on the computer.