Next CyanogenMod Version Based on Jelly Bean Will Be Known As CM10

Since Jelly Bean’s recent announcement, there’s been a major scramble for developers to get their hands dirty and work on individual ports for all types of devices. While we’ve seen a port here and there, most folks have been anxiously waiting on what would be done from theCyanogenMod team. Well you should note that the famed development team has already been hard at work on its version of the new Android OS and took some time to share some thoughts on what it has done in preparation for the new CM release. First thing’s first: CM’s version of Jelly Bean will now be identified as CM10 (following CM9 for ICS). Here’s the reasoning behind the thought:

“Many have asked whether JB will be CM9.1 or CM10. Keeping with the pattern thus far, every newly named AOSP update results in a bump to the CM major version. This has the added benefit of fitting into the pattern of [insert codename position in the english alphabet] = CM version. Examples being: G is the 7th letter thus CM7, I is the 9th letter thus CM9 and J = 10″.

Next, the CM team highlights how Project Butter will impact device requirements for the CM10 port. Turns out it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for older existing devices. Here are some additional thoughts regarding the topic:

“The ‘Project Butter’ enhancements to Android are much anticipated and should not be a huge pain to merge. We anticipate some breakage in existing libs but nothing that the reference board devices or some hackery won’t overcome. Essentially, if your device met our criteria for CM9 (512mb RAM, etc) and is already supported, then you should be in line for CM10. There may be some added headaches around hwcomposer, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get source”.

So there you have it folks. It looks we’re set for what looks to be a smooth ride with the upcoming CM10 version. Hopefully all of you will be ready when the time comes.

source: Cyanogen+