World’s First Android Wrist Computer : Android Watch Z1

We have seen the first Android watch called MotoActive . Now the Android enabled devices are reducing to wrist watches. Here's another wrist computer with Android OS : Android Watch Z1.
This is a full Android computing device featuring a 2” capacitive touchscreen sporting a modest 320 by 240 pixel resolution.

The system is powered by a less known MTK6516 dual-core processor running at a maximum frequency of just 460 MHz, while the operating system of choice is Google’s Android in its 2.2 reincarnation.

There are reportedly 2 GB of flash storage on board and a full pack of features like a microphone, speakers, GPS, G sensors , LAN wireless, Bluetooth, a microSD slot and a 2MP webcam.

The price is currently set at a high $289 (€235), but this is surely coming down once the new toy will be available in other market too as the Land of the Rising Sun is famous for overpricing any piece of novelty.

The virtual keyboard is quite small and thus typing is difficult, but this is more of a monitoring device rather than a text communication one.

In my opinion, it is a little too big to be worn on the wrist, but we’re still hoping for a version with a 4” curved screen and a solar panel on the wrist bracelet.