Download Facebook Alternative app

  My friend was facing the problem with his cellphone's rapid battery drain problem. According to him,battery used to hold single day power even after heavy usage, but it was just 6 to 7 hours. When I saw his application list, it was huge! Lots of shopping, social networking, and messaging apps.

  I was not sure which one was eating the battery. I suggested him to remove the unused apps. It was still the same. In settings menu, the running applications were of Google and Facebook. I was ignoring Facebook app because everybody uses it. But after removing Facebook app, the cellphone was breathing a new life. Battery drain reduced. Now, we knew that Facebook's official app is the cause of heavy battery drain and I read the news "Removing Facebook App increases battery life by 20%". Just the day after we removed it. But there was was a need to use the Facebook on mobile phone.

  The cheap and easy alternative is to use the browser to check the Facebook. I am fan of F-Droid and found a simple app called Face Slim. It is just like opening browser and very lightweight. If you want messenger, then this app is not for you.

I recommend installing F-Droid first and then Face Slim. You will get regular updates.

Download Face Slim