Androplatina, the root toolkit aims to root all devices and more!

I have posted the tricks to root and/or unroot Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Ace. There's different tricks for rooting different devices. Which is tedious tasks for newbies.
Well XDA recognized contributor, varun.chitre15, is working hard to make this easy to do for ALL devices and with one program none-the-less. It’s called “AndroPlatina” and is a toolkit to make hacking and modifying your Android device easy with just a few clicks.

Currently you are able to do the following with AndroPlatina:

1. Recovery Flasher
2. Any device unrooter
3. Bootanimation change

Keep in mind, this does not look like much but the goal is to make it work on all or at least most Android devices, and accomplishing this takes a lot of time. Varun.chitre15 has a goal of making all of the following work:

1. Complete Fastboot flasher
2. Any device Unrooter…Done in v1.1.0
3. Complete recovery tools(Almost all things which recovery can do)
4. Kernel flasher
5. Logcat collector
6. Bootanimation changer…Done in v1.1.0
7. OTA .exe(Publish ROM updates in form of exe and flash them via PC by a simple click)
8. Complete kitchen tools(A alternative to dsixdas kitchen)
9. Any device tweaker
10. Complete Theming Engine(An alternative to UOT Kitchen)
11. Font changer
12. APK Installer
13. Suggestions are Welcome!
14. A good UI
15. Cross Platfor

Once complete, it will be a huge help for users who want to root and apply tweaks to their deivices. As this is a bit of a community project, you are invited to get involved and help make it happen. They are seeking help specifically with the recovery flasher, as some devices won’t not be supported until varun.chitre15 can find the recovery partition for that device.

A disclaimer on using root toolkits: Although they have a valid use, I personally advise you to try it manually first. Let me validate: basically you plug your phone in, click a button and the kit runs all the commands and roots your phone. Your probably thinking “Sweet! thats easy enough.” Your right, it is easy, but it also takes way from the fundamentals of rooting, such as learning ADB, Fastboot, how to run simple commands in terminal/command prompt. Not to mention, if you are having issues, you will know where to troubleshoot. I do see a valid use if you know what you are doing and just want to save time.

With that said, check out the source link to download Androplatina for windows and to get involved!