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A lot of running games for Android try too hard to imitate Temple Run — some succeed and others do not. Subway Surfers, however, tries to hold its own ground while sharing a concept with its more popular predecessor. While most rules are the same, the difference lies in the approach and feel. If Temple Runis a way to relive Indiana Jones, Subway Surfers is a way to relive your childhood adventures (or fantasies).
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The object of the game is not as much as unlocking new levels, but beating a high score by going as far as one can go. It’s a nice combination of cuteness and wit, where the hero needs to flee from the hands of the scary train inspector and his dog by zipping through railways while collecting coins and special items along the way. The default character is a boy named Jake, but more colorful characters are available for purchase at the store. The hero needs to dodge oncoming trains, otherwise he gets run over and caught by the train inspector.

Normally, the hero can run, jump and glide, but certain items along the rails provide boosts for faster running. A special shoe enables the hero to bounce with each step, allowing for longer strides. Jetpacks can also be lying on the tracks, and these makes the hero fly over the trains for a few seconds before it expires.

Although there are in-game purchases for more coins, one doesn’t really need it to enjoy the game. Coins may take a bit longer to accumulate without buying them, but it’s not entirely impossible to arrive to a decent amount. What I like about this game is its ability to hook me into it no matter how many times I’ve tried after a failed round. It usually hurts to start over, but with Subway Surfers, it doesn’t feel like a bad thing.

Given its very few glitches, Subway Surfers is still a great game to try. Because of its light-hearted nature, this game may appeal more to young children. That’s not to say adults won’t enjoy playing the game too. With excellent graphics and fun story line, this game is a must-try.

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