Top 5 apps to manage your expenses

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Finance management is important. Many of us spend the money without actually tracking the total expense at end of day, month or year. This leads to high expenses than expected and sometimes going beyond our budget limits.

Hack your Amazon Fire tablet with Fire Toolbox

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Amazon’s Fire tablets range continues to rise in popularity and adds new features with each release. They’re cheaper than any iPad and more affordable than most Samsung tablets. The most annoying part of this purchase is the missing Google Play Store. But still Amazon Fire tablet is far more versatile than you think.

How to boot into custom recovery mode without flashing

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First of all, what is custom recovery mode? There are various modes of Android device which we can boot into. Two of them are fastboot mode and recovery mode. Stock recovery mode only provides options to restore the device to factory, install any OEM updates, test the device.

Play Game Boy games on Android

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After NES and SNES, the Game Boy is among the most popular consoles to emulate. Due to increasing power of processing on smartphones and popularity of older games, all other Game Boy emulators now helps to bring back the nostalgia...

Top 10 alternative stock apps on Android

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In order to cut the above problems, many developers have come up with the alternative solutions of Google apps. I will be sharing my list of alternative that I have switched to and use it everyday. This has greatly reduced load times on my device. Especially on older smartphones where we have less memory to manage and using all Google apps just makes the device so slow that I can't even make a call without waiting for couple of seconds. So following are my alternative to Google apps.

Nokia N-Gage emulator on Android to play games

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I wanted to play those old Nokia N-Gage games but cant have the phone available. I do have memories of playing so many games on N-Gage phone. RIFTS, FIFA, SplinterCell, SSX were one of my favorites. There are various emulators available to play old games on Android such as NES, PlayStation and even old DOS games. But I was having hard time to find the best emulator which can play the old N-Gage games.

Download Facebook Alternative app

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My friend was facing the problem with his cellphone's rapid battery drain problem. According to him,battery used to hold single day power even after heavy usage, but it was just 6 to 7 hours. When I saw his application list, it was huge! Lots of shopping, social networking, and messaging apps.   I was not sure which one was eating the battery. I suggested him to remove the unused apps

How to install ClockWorkMod Recovery for Android ONE

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The Android ONE is released in India for around 6.5k by Karbonn, Spice and Micromax and gained lot of popularity due to official declaration on the Android blog. After the release of Android one, many tried to root the phone for unlocking the potential. And here is ClockworkMod recovery which is essential before rooting the phone. /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not

Root and recovery available for android one

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As Google has released the first batch of Android One devices produced by Karbonn, Spice Mobile and Micromax. A cherry on top, all of them have publicly available kernel source, which isn’t too common for devices running chipsets made by MediaTek. Owners of these pretty much identical and pocket-friendly devices in India now have yet another reason to be happy. This means that Micromax

Download Youtube videos for free using Tubemate

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TubeMate - The fastest and most famous YouTube downloader] TubeMate YouTube Downloader enables you to quickly access, search, share, and download YouTube videos. Because downloading always happens in the background, you can go on watching YouTube, surfing the Internet, tweeting, and listening to your music as you download. [The original fast download technology] * Fast download mode(

Moto E gets root and unofficial TWRP Recovery

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It’s been a short while since Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, announced the Moto E. In many ways, the E is quite similar to the extremely popular Moto G thanks to its affordable price point and great user experience. This cheap, but capable good device may well become a big success.The Moto E was launched with a near stock Android firmware and an unlockable bootloader. And soon, the custom ROM

Google updates its Android Platform Stats

May 3, 2014  0 comments

One month ago, we saw that Android 4.4.x KitKat had finally started to gain some traction. Back then, 4.4.x accounted for a grand total of 5.3% of devices with access to Google Play Services. At the same time, we saw Android 2.x finally fall below 20%, in favor or more recent Android versions. It’s nice to see 4.4.x reaching more and more older devices. That said, even 8.5% is

Motion-Sensing Wireless Gamepad on Android for Windows

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Much of Android’s power comes from its relatively open nature and developer-friendly versatility. If you wish to create an application that performs a particular task, you can do so. And once created, you can upload it to the Google Play Store or simply sideload it to your device. This has lead to some interesting use cases, such as using your Android smartphone or tablet as a

Download free Flappy Birds 1.3 apk

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After taking down the Flappy Birds from the Play store, it has become more popular due to simple and mindless game play. It was made by a Vietnamese guy, who couldn't "take it any more" and removed the app from play store and app store as well. Flappy Bird was terribly difficult; you got one point for each pipe-gap you flew through, and it was not uncommon to score only two points, or one

Google chrome for mobile reduces data usage by 50%

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Google announced a new version of Chrome for Android and ios smartphones saying "Chrome’s data compression and bandwidth management can reduce data usage by up to 50% while browsing the web on Chrome for Android and iOS." When enabled, Chrome’s data compression and bandwidth management can reduce data usage by up to 50% while browsing the web on Chrome for Android and iOS. This feature also

Jelly Bean on the top as Google announces Android Distribution

Jan 13, 2014  0 comments

Google Android distribution announced for the month of December indicates that Jelly Bean has topped with more than 60% of total android distributions. According to Google, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices are the most common on the Play Store with 35.9%, while the Android 4.2 has a 15.4% market share. Latest Jelly Bean distribution, Android 4.3 has only 7.8%, but it might rise next month when

Technology that gives physical button on smartphone screen

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Yes. This has been developed by Tactus Technology. Whenever a keyboard appears on screen, the buttons comes up like magic. This technology is called as tactile technology. Tactility of the home, menu and back keys are generally not an issue for phones which have soft keys that are separate to the screen. However, many manufacturers, such as LG, have begun to adopt onscreen soft keys which can

Almost stable KitKat ROM for Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Jan 8, 2014  0 comments

With arrival of new smartphones with exponential growth has decreased the use of older smartphones due to new latest updates in Android OS. Such old devices like Samsung Galaxy S Plus are getting lost. But due to the Open Source CyanogenMod ROM, a team on XDA have successfully delivered the latest version of CyanogenMod based on KitKat OS for the abandoned smartphone. Officially, it has no

Download Subway Surfers for Android Mumbai World Tour

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Subway Surfers fans are off to a great 2014, as Kiloo has just released a major update for their favorite game. This time Android players will be offered the chance to surf through the colorful streets of India.The latest update for Subway Surfers adds a new city in the world tour, Mumbai, as well as brand new character, Jay. Here is the official changelog of the latest update for

Oppo N1 with CyanogenMod is now available

Dec 25, 2013  0 comments

Oppo N1 is the first smartphone to have CyanogenMod preloaded now available for $599. This has been great achievement for the Open Source ROM makers as they have made further step to bring this directly to users without any further tinkering. This one has 16GB of internal storage space, ships with a few CyanogenMod perks and of course, maintains the unique features found on the regular

Network Spoofer for Android

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Network Spoofer didn't last long in the Google Play Store, but that's one of the great things about Android; Google can't stop the signal. Network Spoofer still exists on Source Forge, and is supported on a number of devices. Root is required for this one, and that's not surprising - it allows you to mess with your friends by redirecting all network traffic via your device. You can send

Why Android LADOO campaign will fail

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Before announcement of Android KITKAT OS, a new campaign for Android KajuKatli, an Indian sweet dessert was started. It was rather fail because KeyLimePie was almost considered as final name. And after KitKat OS was announced it has become clear that Google will NOT consider any sweet desserts that has No or very less business profits. Even after the obvious reject of KajuKatli, a

Android 4.4 aka KitKat OS announced by an ad company, Google.

Sep 5, 2013  0 comments

All Android fans were excited with the arrival of a new version of Jelly Bean, that's Android 4.3. It was first released for Nexus 7, Nexus 7 2012, Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now there's lots of customization and development going on to fit the new version for various other devices. Many thought it as a break time for new version of Android. Lots of new confectionery

Download Subway Surfers for PC

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Whenever there's a mobile application which becomes famous day by day, most of the people start searching PC/Laptop alternative for that application. Some examples are instagram, talking tom, whatsapp, and many more. Subway Surfers popularity is sky-rocketing day by day. Many people are replacing their mobiles with android smartphones just to play game like Subway Surfers. This game has very

Subway Surfers Beijing v1.13.0

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Like most endless runner games, there's a threadbare plot to Subway Surfers. You run, trying to dodge capture and obstacles, swiping up to jump or down to slide. Swiping side to side lets you switch tracks as you run. Along the way, players collect coins, which can be used for power-ups, but those same power-ups are also sprinkled along the tracks ... DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the

How to install ClockWorkMod Recovery for Karbonn A1+

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ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) is a replacement recovery option for Android devices, made by Koushik "Koush" Dutta. ClockworkMod Recovery allowing users to perform several advanced recovery, restoration, installation and maintenance operations on your Android device that aren't possible with the stock recovery, and is one of the most common ways used to gain root access, back up device data,

How to root Karbonn A1+

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After long delay due to many issues, I am back with the new trick! I have Karbonn A1+ since 2-3 months. I was really sad that this phone cannot be rooted due the chinese hardware used by Karbonn. But I found the trick and here's HOW-TO root Karbonn A1+. You can also try other Android Smartphones with Spreadtrum SC6820 chipset. NOTE : I will not be responsible for any kind of damages done

Download Subway Surfers V1.6

Jan 3, 2013  0 comments

A lot of running games for Android try too hard to imitate Temple Run — some succeed and others do not. Subway Surfers, however, tries to hold its own ground while sharing a concept with its more popular predecessor. While most rules are the same, the difference lies in the approach and feel. If Temple Runis a way to relive Indiana Jones, Subway Surfers is a way to relive your childhood

Micromax A68 Smarty launched for Rs. 6490

Dec 15, 2012  0 comments

The Micromax A68 Smarty packs a decent design, curved around the edges. The bezel on the top and bottom is just okay, normal. Three capacitive buttons are placed just below the display for Options, Home and Back respectively (left to right). The A68 Smarty packs a lot for it’s price tag, which is just Rs. 6,490. Read on for more details. Micromax A68 Smarty Full Specifications Mediatek MT6515


Dec 15, 2012  0 comments

Remember the Aakash tablet? The original low cost budget tablet developed exclusively for students by a joint project (including the Govt. of India) is finally getting a successor, the new Aakash Tablet 2. The Aakash 2 aims to fix everything that went wrong with the Aakash tablet. The original tablet was marred with touch screen issues, performance and virtually anything else that could

Turn Your Android Phone into a Mouse with this app!

Dec 7, 2012  0 comments

We are using our Android phones are all kinds of things these days, some of which are rather creative: FTP servers, web servers, and much more. Some things are for fun, and others are actually useful. There is now an application called WiFi Mouse that turns your Android phone into a mouse.XDA Senior Member Williams.Joe posted the application to the Samsung Galaxy S II forums. Even so, it

AutomateIt: Automating actions according to rules and triggers

Oct 28, 2012  0 comments

My hand always reach towards my pocket searching for my mobile phone when I am in my class. This has become very irritating for me. Many of us do the same thing. Time bounded people have to regularly get mobile in hand, switch it off, or send it to silent mode or flight mode. What if it does regular timed stuff automatically without even touching the device? Yes!! AutomateIt!, an app

Get Galaxy S Duos in India at INR 16,900

Sep 20, 2012  0 comments

One of the Android devices that Samsung made available for purchase in India recently was the Galaxy S Duos, a smartphone that packs Smart dual-SIM feature, so that users could receive calls on both SIM cards at the same time. Made available for purchase at INR 17,900 (MRP) at first, the smartphone is now up for grabs at only INR 16,900 ($313 / €240) via

Kindle Fire HD 7-Inch Already Rooted with old exploit!

Sep 19, 2012  0 comments

It’s official: The Kindle Fire HD 7″ has been rooted! The rooting technique is same as the old method. Do this at your own risk. This could be a dangerous procedure, and I am not responsible for any possible damages. Be smart, guys. :) First, download the Kindle Fire HD 7″ drivers from here. Download the necessary files from here. Unzip them. Take su from /system/bin/ and Superuser.apk

Data on 500,000 open source projects available

Sep 19, 2012  0 comments

Black Duck Software has made data from Ohloh, its directory of nearly 500,000 open source projects, available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0licence. The company also made a RESTful APIavailable that allows information about the projects to be queried. Ohloh analyses projects from around 5,000 repositories, including GitHub, SourceForge, Google Code,, Eclipse, Mozilla and

Nikon releases a camera with Android OS.

Aug 22, 2012  0 comments

First week of August, I read about the rumor that Nikon will going to launch its first Android-powered camera and yes, the rumor was right. Nobody wants to pay $350 for a low-end point-and-shoot camera and not for it's built in WiFi connection. But, Android Fans will surely give it a try!! The $350 / 280-300+ Euro Coolpix S800c (set to ship in October 2012) has Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread is

All about ROOTING Android.

Aug 17, 2012  0 comments

You have bought an Android smartphone, played with it, checked the latest and coolest features, installed tonnes of apps. Many Friends(especially Android users) suggest you to root the phone. And then questions start to pop in your mind, "Should I root my Android?", "What will I get if I root my phone?", "Are there additional precautions that I should take?", "Can I revert back the rooting(

Androplatina, the root toolkit aims to root all devices and more!

Jul 21, 2012  0 comments

I have posted the tricks to root and/or unroot Samsung Galaxy Y and Galaxy Ace. There's different tricks for rooting different devices. Which is tedious tasks for newbies.Well XDA recognized contributor, varun.chitre15, is working hard to make this easy to do for ALL devices and with one program none-the-less. It’s called “AndroPlatina” and is a toolkit to make hacking and modifying your

World’s First Android Wrist Computer : Android Watch Z1

Jul 20, 2012  0 comments

We have seen the first Android watch called MotoActive . Now the Android enabled devices are reducing to wrist watches. Here's another wrist computer with Android OS : Android Watch Z1. This is a full Android computing device featuring a 2” capacitive touchscreen sporting a modest 320 by 240 pixel resolution. The system is powered by a less known MTK6516 dual-core processor running at a

Panasonic Puts Android on Boeing’s Dreamliner 787

Jul 20, 2012  0 comments

We just reported here about Panasonic’s diverse businesses, and one of the successful divisions of the famous Japanese giant is Panasonic Avionics that supplies various systems to Boeing in Airbus.Panasonic’s Avionics division is now responsible for Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s entertainment system.Passengers flying in one of Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner planes will be able to enjoy all the bells

Download APK Doodle Jump v1.13.5 for Android

Jul 20, 2012  0 comments

A doodle epidemic is spreading through smartphones across the land. Doodle games are popping up everywhere you look--on iOS and Android devices alike. There might even be one in your pocket right now. What distinguishes doodle games from the pack is their graphics, which look like something you might scribble in the margins of a piece of paper. In fact, the backgrounds of most doodle games are

Backup your android phone with Titanium Backup!

Jul 18, 2012  0 comments

Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some. You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card

Full Download IM+ Pro v6.3.1 for Android

Jul 18, 2012  0 comments

Skype, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, VKontakte & more. IM+ All-in-One messenger for all public messaging services: Skype chat, Facebook chat, AIM, MSN (Windows Live Messenger or WLM), Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, VKontakte, Yandex IM and MySpace. Stay connected to your friends, family and business contacts anytime and anywhere. All-in-one chat app at your fingertips!

How to root or unroot Samsung galaxy Ace S5830

Jul 16, 2012  0 comments

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is an Android v2.3 Gingerbread smartphone featuring a 3.5 inch capactive touchscreen. The Ace S5830 is powered by a 800 MHz ARM11 processor, with an additional Adreno 200 GPUfor handling graphic intensive apps. It supports 3G HSDPA connectivity at 7.2 mbps, WiFi, USB and Kies PC Sync data transfer options. This Android phone lets you stay connected via multiple mobile

Full Download GLWG (Great Little War Game) v 1.2.2

Jul 16, 2012  0 comments

Great Little War Game has the best name ever. After all, it is both "great" and a "war game". Of course, it could be argued that it's a little presumptuous of the developer to claim that its own creation is "great" but who cares when it has made a game this addictive.GLWG is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone's talking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs

Download Temple Run Brave Full Version For Android

Jul 13, 2012  0 comments

Temple Run has got more than 500,000 downloads for Android. It is the free version. But Temple Run Brave is the advanced version and hence paid too. A new version of Temple Run has released few days ago You have to collect coins, and score by running, sliding, jumping and turning, but in this version we have a nice add-on. Temple Run Brave comes with a nice Archery feature in which you have to

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean source code released

Jul 12, 2012  0 comments

Jean-Baptiste Queru, Technical Lead for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), has announced that Google is in the process of releasing the Android 4.1 source code to the AOSP repository. Android 4.1, code-named "Jelly Bean, was released at the Google I/O conference at the end of June.Alongside the source code release, Google will be providing binary firmware for the Galaxy Nexus phone and

Next CyanogenMod Version Based on Jelly Bean Will Be Known As CM10

Jul 8, 2012  0 comments

Since Jelly Bean’s recent announcement, there’s been a major scramble for developers to get their hands dirty and work on individual ports for all types of devices. While we’ve seen a port here and there, most folks have been anxiously waiting on what would be done from theCyanogenMod team. Well you should note that the famed development team has already been hard at work on its version of

RiskRanker Detects Mobile Threats Without Relying on Malware Signatures

Jun 30, 2012  0 comments

Experts from NQ Mobile, in collaboration with researchers from the North Carolina State University, have developed RiskRanker, an innovative solution that identifies mobile malware without using known samples and their signatures. This research could change that and make Google Play and other, even more unsecure application marketplaces, become more trustworthy. Created by Dr. Simon Shihong

Google’s Nexus Q Brings Real Social Interaction

Jun 28, 2012  0 comments

Together with the Nexus 7 tablet launch, Internet giant Google has also presented the Nexus Q ball computer. This is literally a nice, ball-shaped device that’s running Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. Nexus Q’s reason for being is music and media sharing. The device is powered by an ARM processor and has all the necessary connectors and software to stream music and

Google nexus 7 tablet released officially!

Jun 28, 2012  0 comments

During its annual developer-focused conference, Internet giant company Google has launched its first Android tablet. The new device has a 7” diagonal size and sports a 1280 by 800 pixel resolution. This is the first 7” tablet that’s being endorsed and marketed by one of the world’s biggest IT companies. Steve Jobs’ Apple has always mocked the 7” diagonal size and said many times that 7”

Google Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean officially announced.

Jun 28, 2012  0 comments

Google has unveiled to the world the next flavor of its mobile operating system, Android. Dubbed Jelly Bean, the new of version, Android 4.1, comes with a new user interface, as well as with a set of new features meant to improve the overall user experience with the platform. Among these, we can count Project Butter, destined to improve the overall performance of the platform, as well as

A free and fun puzzle game for Android, Peti.

Jun 22, 2012  0 comments

If Beautiful Widgets or Plume for Twitter ring any bells, you might be interested in a new free puzzle game for Android called Peti. The game has been recently made available by LevelUP Studio, the developers behind the making of the other two apps mentioned above, and, while it’s not groundbreaking in any way, it looks like a fun way to spend some time on a hot midsummer afternoon.Peti is

How to download and use Instagram for PC.

Jun 18, 2012  0 comments

Before this post, Instagram app was launched for android mobile phones. Now, here is the PC version of Instagram. :) Windows users, meet Instagrille. Instagrille is your Instagram desktop solution for when you want to enjoy Instagram without touching your phone or even opening a browser. Instagrille runs on Pokki, an HTML5 app platform where you can find many more useful apps and games,

“Temple Run: Brave” for Android Now Available for Download

Jun 17, 2012  0 comments

Imangi Studio and Disney/Pixar have teamed up to offer Android users a new and improved version of “Temple Run,” one of the most popular games available in the Google Play store. “Temple Run” for iOS and Android platforms has millions of downloads, so it won't come as a surprise of the new title will be at least as successful the original game. The new game launched by Disney/Pixar in

Intel: Android Support for More Than One CPU Core Is Worse Than Bad.

Jun 15, 2012  0 comments

As a big fan of Android... This news is something like disadvantage. But, the truth is "Every coin has two sides." :) We've seen our share of big words, but the ones Intel has uttered most recently may take the cake, sharp as they are, like claws trying to shred consumer expectations apart. And by that we mean that Intel had some very choice words to say about the Android operating system

Windows 8 Metro UI Theme For Android

Jun 2, 2012  0 comments

Android already have nice looking and amazing graphics. But if some one wanna enjoy windows 8 on android then here is a theme for this. As per the developer it is “A full System Theme that changes lots of your tablets UI to make it have a metro style“. The setup is easy to use. Just go to the Metro UI original theme page and select your device. A step by step method will guide you to install

Samsung announced Galaxy Ace Duos, a dual-sim phone

May 27, 2012  0 comments

Samsung has just announced the availability of the new Galaxy Ace Duos, a new dual-sim phone which is said to have the ability to forward a call received on one SIM to the other SIM via the feature called “Dual SIM always on.” For those who have been following Samsung’s releases, you may recall that the Galaxy Ace Duos had been launched sometime in February. Back then, Samsung said Galaxy Ace

Free Download Gameloft's Men in Black for android.

May 27, 2012  0 comments

Mobile game publisher Gameloft has just announced the immediate availability of its Men in Black 3 title in the Google Play Store. The company announced plans to make the new game available a few weeks ago, when it also unveiled that Asphalt 7: Heat is on its way to Android too. In the official game of Men in Black 3, players are put in charge of the agency, in a fight against the vile Radiant

Oppo Unveils World’s Thinnest Smartphone.

May 27, 2012  0 comments

Today’s smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful and feature-packed, but also tend to be slimmer and lighter than before. Apple’s iPhone measures 9.3mm in thickness, last year’s bestseller Galaxy S II is 8.45mm, while Motorola’s Droid RAZR goes down to only 7.1mm thin. However, none of these is a match for the new Finder from Oppo, which measures only 6.65mm, thus being the slimmest

VIA's 49$ Tiny Android PC

May 25, 2012  0 comments

Miniature PC systems are bound to become better-known after the Raspberry Pi phenomenon, so we think VIA might finally get some of the recognition it deserves. The company has launched the APC 8750, where APC stands for Android PC (personal computer). Sure, the name isn't really accurate, since there is no case. This is more of a half-size mini-ITX motherboard than anything else really. VIA

Monmouthpedia: The World's First Wikipedia Town

May 23, 2012  0 comments

Source: Monmouthshire County Council, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Wikimedia UK, the chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation that covers the United Kingdom, has announced the creation of Monmouthpedia, the first Wikipedia project to encompass an entire town. The project's aim is to cover every notable location, artefact and point of interest in Monmouth, Wales with QRpedia bar codes. These QR codes, many of

Angry Birds Heikki : After conquering space, everybody’s favorite birds are going back to earth.

May 22, 2012  0 comments

After conquering space, Rovio deemed it’s time to bring back our favorite Angry Birds down to Earth, via a new game called Angry Birds Heikki. Rovio has just launched a new site to serve as a teaser to the upcoming game, and right now, the teaser is gathering some mixed reactions. Many are wondering what will be the theme of Rovio’s latest creation. As you can see from the screenshot above

Try the Alpha Version of VLC Media Player Android App

May 20, 2012  0 comments

Someone who watches a lot of videos, movies or otherwise, on the computer has surely heard of — and probably used — VLC media player. With the ability to play almost any video format that exists on the planet, and that too without needing any additional codecs, VLC is one of the most popular video players out there. However, no official Android version of VLC exists, but a developer named

Free Download Cut The Rope: Experiments APK

May 20, 2012  0 comments

Cut The Rope is an addictive game available in all mobile platforms and recently released for Mac OS. Cut the rope Experiments was released a few weeks ago in the Android Market and the game looks good just like the previous version. The little candy loving monster Om Nom gets adopted by a nerd scientist who studies his candy loving behaviour and conducts experiments on him. Here is

Download Google Drive APK For Android

May 19, 2012  0 comments

Google latest project is Google Drive and as all other Google start-ups is currently being thought of by many as a Drop Box or Sky Drive killer. We will probably have to wait for some time to find out if Google Drive succeeds or fails terribly like Schemer or Google Wave or some might even say Google Plus. But we cannot really take Google Drive as just a copy of the existing services. It does

Mini Computer launched to fight Cotton Candy.

May 18, 2012  0 comments

There are many featured a number of mini computers here on The Android Blog, including the Raspberry Pi which is just $35 and the FXI Cotton Candy priced at a lofty $200. Now a new contender has arrived in the form of the $74 MK802 Android mini PC. Which is equipped with a single-core 1.5GHz AllWinner A10 processor, supported by 512MB of memory. The MK802 is also equipped with 2 x USB ports,

Free download Talking Tom Cat Android App for PC Download free

May 17, 2012  0 comments

Get Talking Tom Cat the funniest app for your Android Smartphone and also available in iPhone. Tom is your pet cat, feed him milk and he will responds to touch and repeats you in a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail. You can also interact with Talking Tom Cat through the touchscreen. But this time I am posting this app for PC. Yes you can run this in your

Android Diversity Graphically Charted In Detail

May 17, 2012  0 comments

See the chart above? That’s a picture of Android fragmentation diversity as compiled by Open Signal Maps. The company compiled data from 681,900 users of its app over the last 6 months. They counted nearly 4,000 different devices running Android. That’s a lot of gadgets. See the big green box in the chart above? That represents the Samsung Galaxy S II, which makes up about 10% of all the

WidgetLocker Update Brings Support for Go Launcher Icon Packs, Bug Fixes

May 16, 2012  0 comments

TeslaCoil Software, the team behind the popular Nova Launcher for Android 4.0 ICS devices has just delivered a new update for another of their highly-acclaimed application, WidgetLocker. Aimed at Android users who want to get the most of their phone’s lock screens, WidgetLocker offers a wide range of customization options. The latest version of the application brings a few bug fixes

Mini PC FXI Cotton Candy ships this month with ICS and Ubuntu support.

May 15, 2012  0 comments

The FXI Cotton Candy is something we heard about late last year and then we got a good look at it at Mobile World Congress. It’s a mini PC that’s only 8 centimeters (3-inches) long that supports Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Ubuntu. It features a 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, a quad-core ARM Mali-400MP GPU, 1 GB of DRAM, micro SD for up to an additional 64GB of storage, a 1080p-ready HDMI

Free Download Latest Angry Birds Space Theme For Windows 7 and Windows 8

May 15, 2012  0 comments

Everybody knows “Angry Birds Space” game, well good news for angry birds lovers. It has been reported that Microsoft has developed a theme based on the game. If you don't know about angry birds then here is a little introduction. “Angry Birds” is a popular physics based puzzle game that has gained enormous popularity with a wide range of gamers ever since it was first released. It

[Download] BikeComputer Pro v1.24

May 14, 2012  0 comments

BikeComputer Pro provides the possibility to cycle with an offline map, do jogging or any gps-based movement! Follow your position on the map and experience your driving values like speed, trip, average speed, elevation gain, distance to your home location, actual battery drain, and a lot of others ... The Android built-in browser has problems downloading the file. For me works Opera mini or

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

May 13, 2012  0 comments

There was a post on how you can root the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. If you were worried about losing your Warranty due to rooted phone then you can get it back by unrooting. Here is how you can unroot the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. The process is almost exactly the same. The only difference is in the file that is used as an update in the process. Anyway without delay let us continue onto how you

RealCalc Scientific Calculator for scientists!!

May 11, 2012  0 comments

Whether you’re a math major, a physics major, a high school student, or just someone who needs a high-powered calculator without the bulk, RealCalc Scientific Calculator is here to save the day. In case you forgot to bring your scientific calculator with you, RealCalc Scientific Calculator can work things out for you. It’s the number one scientific calculator for Android and it works just

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 easily.

May 11, 2012  0 comments

You would think whats the use of rooting? Well, rooting will enable you to access the system folders which were locked, Install apps which require rooting, and Port the phone to the custom ROMs (e.g. Cynogenmod.) Samsung Galaxy Y is a low end Android phone from Samsung for the "Young" Generation. It comes with pre loaded Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread OS. It has an 823 MHz processor to surf

Aakash Tab 2 Ubislate 7 Detailed Specifications

May 11, 2012  0 comments

Aakash Tablet 2 aka Ubislate 7 was announced a few days back and is now up for pre-order. Aakash Tablet 1 became immensely popular as it would be the cheapest tablet in the tech world. Aakash Tab 1 was mainly aimed at youth and students and will be available for discount for students in India. The commercial version of Aakash Tab is also known as Ubislate. Aakash Tab cannot be compared

Customize home screen with GO Launcher!

May 11, 2012  0 comments

GO Launcher is the most popular home app in Android Market. It allows users to customize home screen, change themes, use smooth transition animation as well as various widgets and screen locks. It brings you a fresh and extraordinary mobile operation experience. Go Launcher Ex, unlike Launcher Pro Plus, is a completely free launcher on the Android Market. However, to be able to use

World’s First GPS Fitness Tracker and Smart MP3 Player

May 11, 2012  0 comments

Motorola decided to launch the company’s latest gadget in the beautiful and far-away Peru. The company is announcing today the world’s first GPS fitness tracker and smart MP3 player called Motoactiv, on its official website.This device operates on Google Android OS. Don’t expect the gadget to be too affordable, but for those that are into these, here are the features : -Ongoing tracking

Android 4.0 ICS for Samsung Galaxy Note Now Available for Download.

May 10, 2012  0 comments

It looks like the long-awaited Ice Cream Sandwich update for Samsung Galaxy Note is finally over, as the rollout of the upgrade has just started. Although we don’t have any official confirmation, the guys over at SammyHub claim that several users have already received the update on their Galaxy Note devices. There’s also a screenshot available online, which confirms the update brings the

Instagram for Android 1.1.0 Available for Download

May 9, 2012  0 comments

A new version of the Instagram application is now available for download for devices powered by Google’s Android platform. One key feature that Android users have been waiting for in Instagram was tilt-shift, introduced in the new version 1.1.0 of the app. At the same time, the new application iteration is packed with a filter screen fix for GT-S5830C devices. Through tilt-shift,

Introducing CyanogenMod Compiler for Ubuntu

May 9, 2012  0 comments

CyanogenMod Compiler (CMC) GUI is a new tool that allows users to build their own CyanogenMod with just a few mouse clicks. The tool is designed to simplify the building of a CyanogenMod for an Android phone, from source code. CyanogenMod Compiler allows users to select the device they are compiling it for and the desired Android flavor (Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread).

Samsung Galaxy S3 India Release Date and Price is Out.

May 5, 2012  0 comments

After months of speculation and rumors, with everyone curious to find out how Samsung would surpass the Galaxy S2 with their next Galaxy flagship, the Galaxy S3 was finally officially unveiled last night in London. And Samsung didn’t disappoint, as the Galaxy S3 seems well poised to take the Galaxy S2′s place as the top dog in Samsung’s lineup. And I’m sure the S2 will gracefully step

Control Your Android from a Browser with AirDroid.

May 5, 2012  0 comments

AirDroid for Android replaces your USB cable with your web browser. Transfer files back and forth, send text messages, play music, view your photos and manage applications — all without installing anything on your computer. AirDroid is completely free; it doesn’t even contain ads. It functions as a web server, allowing your Android device and your computer to communicate over the

Free Download Paid Android Apps With NEW BlackMart Alpha.

May 4, 2012  0 comments

It is a black market for paid and free apps(all are free). with using this app "BlackMart Alpha" (latest version 2015) you can download thousand applications for free. Yup, like an Android Market. But, all applications in Android Market is the official from the developer. Whereas, in the BlackMart Aplha just a black market. You could try a paid application for free here. People complain

Micromax has launched a Siri-like feature called the AISHA!

May 4, 2012  0 comments

Micromax launched Superfone A50 Ninja last week at a price tag of Rs 4,999. It is an affordable smartphone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system powered by a 650 MHz processor. It sports a 7.9-cm multi-touch capacitive screen and is a dual SIM phone. Apart from the regular features, the Superfone A50 Ninja comes with an extra-ordinary artificial intelligence speech handset

Tubemate – Youtube Downloader HD

Apr 28, 2012  0 comments

If you are using your Android phone to view Youtube videos regularly, then this is a must-have app for you. Tubemate is probably the most popular, and personally I think the fastest & most feature rich YouTube downloader available for Android.It allows downloading in multiple resolutions, ranging from 3gp to HD 720p/1080p resolution, conversion to MP3, saving favourite videos to your YouTube

Record everything you type on your phone: Clip Ninja

Apr 28, 2012  0 comments

Record everything you type on your phone. Yes, almost every single thing. Clip Ninja is an Android app that records and stores all the text that you type on the phone, and makes it available for you to use as and when you want. Forgot to copy some text before sending it, deleted a long message or text string by mistake and would like to get it back? Clip Ninja lets you do exactly that.

5 Ways to Free Up Space on Your Android Device

Apr 28, 2012  0 comments

Phones and tablets only have so much internal memory. If you’re running out of space for apps or data, there are a few quick tricks you can use to free up space and get back to using your Android device. This post covers both freeing up space on your system storage and SD card or USB storage – the system storage space is for apps, while the SD card or USB storage is for other data.

Lava's Intel Inside smartphone coming this week!!

Apr 21, 2012  0 comments

Android based Xolo X900 smartphone has a 4.03 inch display, a single core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2460 mobile chip. Indian handset player Lava, in the next couple of days, will launch an Android-based smartphone, to be called Xolo X900. It will be the first smartphone with Intel Atom Z2460 mobile processor to be launched in India. "Lava Mobile will be launching Xolo X900 in this week and it

Remix Songs On Your Android Device With DJ STUDIO 3 [Free Download]

Apr 21, 2012  0 comments

Now no need of computer for remix the songs, you can do this on your android device with just a simple app. Android is going toward sky, Launching great apps day by day. DJ STUDIO 3 is the app for remixing. This app already have more than 2.000.000 downloads! DJStudio is a powerful DJ application which enables you to scratch, loop or pitch your songs in the palm of your hand. Verified

The best of top 10 Android games.

Apr 17, 2012  0 comments

The Android operating system has become a hit when the manufacturers of the smart phone had the interest of the Android, due to its popularity has skyrocketed. In Google Play store (Android Market) there are thousand of free android games are available. But to find one of the best game from the Google play store is a difficult task. Here I tried my best to select top 10 games, but

BlueStacks Android emulator for Windows now available

Mar 29, 2012  0 comments

Back in May 2011, there were talks around the Web of a startup called BlueStacks that had developed a native Android runtime environment for the Windows operating system. Traditionally, running Android software on a Windows PC involved emulation. The entire emultation setup would involve a considerable amount of performance overhead, and the outcome to ultimately produce somewhat undesirable

Now, Android apps will be compatible with Linux

Mar 21, 2012  0 comments

Developers of the new Linux Kernel 3.3 have included loads of Android subsystems and features. This will enable developers to build apps for cross platform applications, which will be compatible with both the open source operating systems. This will put to rest the entire buzz surrounding the amalgamation of Linux and Android. What's in store for the end customers is a Linux platform that

High-end Android market becoming crowded

Mar 9, 2012  0 comments

There was never a lack of new Android handsets, which seemed to pop up every couple of weeks or so, but MWC truly opened the floodgates. Almost all vendors, apart from Samsung, used the show to introduce their flagship models, superphones that will mark 2012. There were few surprises, but it was an impressive showing nonetheless. HTC used the opportunity to show off its first quad-core

Android 4.0 for x86 processors approaches with RC.

Mar 5, 2012  0 comments

The Android-x86 Project has published a release candidate of its Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" port for the x86 platform. Aimed at netbooks and tablets, it includes the 3.0.8 Linux kernel with KMS enabled and, its developers say, should be able to run at most netbooks' native resolution. Android-x86 4.0-RC1, also referred to as as "ics-x86", is based on the source code of version

Google: 850,000 Android devices activated daily

Mar 5, 2012  0 comments

More than 850,000 Android devices are activated every day according to Andy Rubin, Google Senior VP of Mobile and the man in charge of Android development. Rubin was speaking at this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona, where he said that that number of activations has brought the total number of Android devices around the world to more than 300 million, of which 12

Ubuntu For Android Phones.

Feb 23, 2012  0 comments

Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu distro has announced Ubuntu for Android, which will offer a full desktop OS experience when the user connects their smartphones to a computer screen and keyboard. The Ubuntu for Android works in the same way as it does on a regular PC. Ubuntu for Android is like running full Ubuntu OS on your smartphone along with Android, with a shared kernel. So,

Google may launch Android 5.0 in 2Q12, say Taiwan makers

Feb 19, 2012  0 comments

Viewing that the adoption of Android 4.0 has fallen short of original expectations and Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in the third quarter of 2012, Google is likely to launch Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean) in the second quarter and appeal for adopting Android 5.0 and Windows 8 in the same tablet PC, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Android 5.0 will be further optimized

Google Chrome For Android.

Feb 9, 2012  0 comments

But only for ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) devices On Tuesday Google officially announced the launch of Chrome for Android beta, but only for Android 4.0 devices, rendering the entire launch rather pointless. Most Android users are still stuck on Gingerbread, Froyo or Honeycomb, but Google’s shiny new browser is targeted at the one percent of users who already have brand new phones. So it is a

Polaroid introduces SC1630, a Camera with a Phone, or Vice Versa?

Jan 12, 2012  0 comments

Coming out of nowhere to blur the lines between phone and camera is Polaroid and their SC1630. While most smartphones have taken to include camera functionalities into their devices, here is a long time camera manufacturer adding phone capabilities to their camera. Make no mistake, this is a fully functioning point and shoot camera supporting 16 megapixels with an adjustable apeture of

ClassPad Tablet For Students Launched.

Dec 31, 2011  0 comments

The world's cheapest tablet Aakash has got a new competitor in the ClassPad tablet. Developed by Delhi-based education solutions provider Classteacher Learning Systems, ClassPad has now been launched in India.Founded by Rohit Pande and Sameer Buti, two IIT Delhi alumni, Mind Shaper Technologies, known by the brand name Classteacher Learning Systems, provides classrooms technologies powered by

Use Android Smartphone as a Document Scanner!!

Dec 27, 2011  0 comments

You can use your Android device as a document scanner with the help of an app called CamScanner. It is a free Android app that converts your smartphone into a scanner and digitise a paper document using your smartphone camera. The app also brings along features like cropping, image enhancement and the ability to create a PDF from your scanned files.CamScanner also allows the user to upload

Aakash tablet goes on sale for Rs 2500 online.

Dec 15, 2011  0 comments

Datawind, the maker of the world's cheapest tablet has put up for sale about 30,000 tablets online at a price of Rs 2500 each, with a delivery period of seven days.The seven inch tablet with Android 2.2 is now available through its portal "We have put up on sale about 30,000 tablets online, which will have a cash on delivery of 7 days. We have achieved pre-sale orders of about

Google’s Android Center Of Attraction At Mobile World Congress

Dec 12, 2011  0 comments

Despite Nokia and Microsoft’s endeavor dominating talks at Mobile World Congress 2011, the centre of attraction has been Android. Android OSWhile analysts and investors were busy discussing about the possible outcome of the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, yet several vendors were busy rolling out devices running on the Android platform which overshadowed talks of Nokia and Microsoft. Phone and

Android 4.0 available for your PC!!

Dec 2, 2011  0 comments

Android-x86, the famous port of Google's famous Android platform for the x86 (32-bit) architecture has just reached version 4.0.Android-x86 is a Live CD Linux distribution created mostly for the Eee PC netbooks, but can also run on any other 32-bit (x86) platform. Android-x86 4.0 is based on Android 4.0.1 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and includes OpenGL ES hardware

[NEWS] Linux: The King In The World Of Supercomputers

Nov 25, 2011  0 comments

This blog is based on android, but Linux is the Kernel of Android!! Thursday, November 24, 2011: Linux is getting more powerful with every passing day. According to the data given on Top500 Supercomputer Website, Linux OS is the highest scorer as far as the supercomputers are concerned, while the next OS, AIX, stands at a distant 5.6 percent as of November 2011. The website tracks the latest

[News] Android Rules Half of the World!

Nov 16, 2011  0 comments

Wednesday, November 16, 2011: A recent report by research firm Gartner Inc. said that Google's Android software runs on over 50 per cent of the smartphones sold in the third quarter. Android emerged as the clear winner in the third quarter, leaving behind iOS devices as well.The main reason for the increase in sales is cited to be a traction for Samsung devices, which is doing extremely well.

The Android Story [Infographic]

Nov 14, 2011  0 comments

"A picture is worth a thousand words"This pic will show you the information about the different versions developed, shares of Android, features of each version along with the timeline!!This image is useful when somebody asks you about the Android OS.Easy to remember!! :)Click on the image for clear view.

History of CyanogenMod.

Nov 11, 2011  0 comments

CyanogenMod is one of the biggest hacks to ever hit the Android mobile platform.It’s got an estimated 500,000 users. Many Android programmers use it as a starting point for their own coding projects. And according to the project’s founder, a number of Google employees have it installed on their Android devices.Essentially, CyanogenMod is a tricked-out version of the software you’re already

Worlds cheapest tablet: Aakash for Rs. 2999!!

Nov 10, 2011  0 comments

Thursday, November 10, 2011: Aakash, the world's cheapest tablet device, has been in the news since it was announced by the Indian Government in 2009. The Android-powered device has already created much buzz in the technology arena with its price tag, which is the lowest ever for any computer worldwide. It has been able to evoke a lot of interest among world leaders and international

[Download] Android Skin Pack Disguises Windows 7 As An Android Launcher

Nov 9, 2011  0 comments

Android Skin Pack 1.0 transforms your desktop, disguising the start menu as a notification bar, and adding a launcher dock at the bottom of your screen (albeit with several more icons than its Android counterpart). The pack also comes with a variety of familiar Android icons, a stylish wallpaper, and even spruces up your computer's boot screen.The theme is a

NEWS (Rumor): Adobe Calling It Quits On Flash For Android And All Other Mobile Platforms

Nov 8, 2011  0 comments

According to ZDNet, Adobe is throwing in the towel on Flash for all mobile platforms (Android included), and will encourage developers to use AIR and HTML5 in the future as alternatives to the company's iconic web plugin. This follows hot on the heels of news that Adobe is cutting 750 jobs at its North American and European arms. The announcement regarding Flash is expected to come at a financial

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: First look

Oct 30, 2011  0 comments

IntroductionGoogle's newest and best version of Android just became official at the Google-Samsung event in Hong Kong along with the Galaxy Nexus. And although it may seem like it, Ice Cream Sandwich is not just another update to Android but a way to curb some of the inherent issues with the OS, such as fragmentation, that have been plaguing it for a long time.Ice Cream Sandwich combines the

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